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The feedback given by students has an important role in evaluating and developing activities at LAB UAS. When you give us feedback you will help us to develop the studies, education and all our activities to meet the needs of students better.

There are different ways and channels to give feedback. You can give feedback online and face-to-face, personally or in groups. You can give feedback on courses, studies in general, learning environments, support services etc.

Student feedback channels at LAB:

SPARK - Course feedback

Course feedback is collected in each course with Spark feedback system. The feedback will help to develop the course itself as well as studies in general.

You will find Spark in the Peppi’s desktop, check more information here.

Questionnaire for new students

A questionnaire for new students is carried out at the beginning of studies. It gives important feedback on how did the orientation succeed and how do the new students feel their studies have started.

Feedback collected by Class Reps

In spring semester class reps and degree managers have feedback discussions where themes as working life cooperation, internationality and multiculturalism, sustainable development and responsibility, pedagogic innovations of online and campus studies as well as study guidance given by tutor teachers are discussed. First the class reps collect the feedback on the themes from their own group, then bring the feedback to discussions with degree managers. The students have now an opportunity to participate in discussion on LAB strategy and shared competences of UAS studies.

Personnal development discussions

The personal development discussions are a part of student's councelling but also a channel of giving feedback.


The Student Union KOE and management of LAB University of Applied Sciences are meeting regurlarly at the LABraKOE-meetings.

Groups of student well-being

The groups of student well-being are developing students' well-being at both campuses. A questionnaire on students' well-being is carried out once a year.

Feedback on international exchange

Feedback on international exchange is collected from students in international exchange.

Channel for feedback and proposals

A general feedback channel at eLAB is an online feedback channel where you can give any feedback or development proposals for LAB UAS.

AVOP - Graduand feedback questionnaire

AVOP - Graduand feedback questionnaire asks graduating students to evaluate and provide feedback on their education. The results are used locally by LAB as well as nationally to inform performance-based monitoring.

Career monitoring survey

Career monitoring survey will be sent to you after five years of graduation. It will give feedback on your career development, educational needs and how has your education met the needs of the working life.