Health Care and Social Services - Recognition of Prior Learning (eRPL)

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Health Care and Social Services - Recognition of Prior Learning (eRPL)


LAB UAS /Nursing and paramedic education /Lappeenranta and Lahti campus

Studification means acquiring knowledge based on curriculum. Studification is a process where the required knowledge of a certain topic is recognized, knowledge is developed with clear objectives and the acquired knowledge is proven. (Harkka-hanke 2020).

Studification is used for doing a clinical placement or supplementary studies based on curriculum. The done placement is named in studification plan (e.g medical-surgical nursing 1). In approved plan the amount of credits (e.g 10 ects) has to be visible. The process is completed when the credits are marked in Peppi. In order for the process to be successful, the studification has to be implemented according to the studification plan. The credits done by studification cannot be moved to other placements and one cannot get extra working hours credited with studification.

Studification is done as paid work. Practical nurse substitute 60 ects or practical nurse's degree is required. Registered nurse substitute 140 ects is required

Before studification, important!
Valid after 1.8.2022: When planning studification, where you act with young customers/patients (less than 18-year-olds), you need to show the study counsellor a criminal record extract before starting your work period. You need to show the criminal record extract, even though the work period would take place during your employment relationship, even if you have already shown the document during your recruitment process. The guidance how to show the criminal record extract, please find the link here.

Limitations of studification

  • the minimum amount of credits for studification is 5 ects
  • the student is allowed to use studification in the same unit with maximum of 15 ects
  • the maximum amount of ects that can be done as practical nurse' s substitute is 10 ects
  • the maximum amount of credits to be completed as registered nurse's substitute is 25 ects.
  • You are allowed to use studification of clinical placement only after you have completed the theoretical studies from the clinical field 
  • It is allowed to use studification for complementary studies up to 30 ects in registered nurse's substitute work 

Studification is a three-phase process:

1. Studification plan:

  1. Discuss with your own tutor teacher about studification as a means of completing studies. (clinical placement or complementary studies)
  2. Fill in the studification e-form (the link to the form is found from this page) After filling in the form the form is sent to your tutor teacher for signing. The form is used as enrollment for studification workshop. The form needs to be filled and sent 2 weeks prior to the workshop you have chosen to you tutor teacher. The schedule for the workshops is found in this platform.
  3. Put your name to the wiki table of the studification workshop in question.

2. Work contract implementation:

  1. After participating to the studification workshop and your studification plan is approved, write the information of your placement to Clinical Training in Nursing Education – Lappeenranta or Lahti campus Moodle platform under the placement you are going to do.
  2. Studying with objectives

3. Showing your knowledge:

  1. Do the assignments and evaluations which have been agreed with your guiding teacher
  2. Submit the documents: self-evaluation, supervisor evaluation, agreed learning tasks and your work schedule to Workseed platform.