Individual study arrangements

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Individual study arrangements

Individual study arrangements refer to practical arrangements, which may include teaching, guidance or interview situations. The need for an arrangement must be based on a documented cause (e.g. reading disability, attention deficit, physical limitations, visual or hearing impairment), for which you can provide an expert opinion or recommendation, if necessary.

Teachers and teacher tutors have a key role in supporting the learning of our students. You may be allowed to use your own ancillary aids or the services of your own personal attendant during a course. You must agree on the use of these services early enough, for example when registering for a course, with the course teacher. The teacher must have sufficient time for pedagogical arrangements. For specific arrangements for the EXAM and the re-exam, see the exam instructions here.

LAB University of Applied Sciences provides degree students help on planning individual study arrangements.  Senior Pedagogical Specialist’s services are available for those who need individual support in:

  • developing learning skills
  • identifying learning strategies or 
  • planning your daily work. 

If you need individualised support because of a learning difficulty, an illness or disability, you are eligible for individual study arrangements. These arrangements may not undermine academic standards or the integrity of assessments. They are provided to help students, who would otherwise be put at a substantial disadvantage by their condition, achieve the expected learning outcomes. Our individual study arrangements policy promotes equality of opportunity by enabling reasonable adjustments to be made to help all our students undertake and demonstrate learning.

Senior Pedagogical Specialist Juha Tiitta,, puh. 044 708 1687

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The LAB offers services of a senior pedagogical specialist as a support tool for learning and studying.