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Fluency in spoken and written English is an essential part of your professional competence and profile!

Our English language courses are communicative. With us, you will study English in real interaction situations and often in multicultural student groups. You will learn that English is a global language used in numerous ways between and among people from varied cultural backgrounds.english

We want to challenge and encourage you to use English for professional purposes. With us, you will learn English through diverse and flexible learning methods: you will study online, you will learn to use different tools to improve your English skills, and you will participate in challenging learning projects.

We warmly welcome you to study and improve your English skills with us!

English courses

All English courses: LAB English courses.

You can find English courses in your field of study in the Dive Deeper boxes.

Please enrol for course via Peppi. Enrolment for autumn 2024 courses is from 6.5-30.8.2024.

NOTE: Course enrolment may close earlier than the above date if the enrolments are full.