Language studies

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Language studies

The joint Language Centre of the LAB University of Applied Sciences and LUT University enhances the language and communication skills that are a prerequisite for successful interaction and internationalization, not only for the needs of our students and staff but also for working life in general.

Skilled language teachers train students for intercultural interaction situations. Learning foreign languages ​​and cultures is seen as an opportunity to broaden the worldview and develop creative thinking.

Language and Communication Studies

Extensive and diverse language and communication skills are at the heart of all professional competences. The Language Centre focuses on professional communication skills at more advanced proficiency levels.  These skills comprise professional reading, business and academic writing, negotiations, meetings, presentations, PR, guidance and training, interaction, and intercultural competence. The aim is that companies and organisations benefit from our graduates´ language and communications skills.

In addition to Finnish, Swedish and English, you have a chance to learn six other languages. You can start studies in German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese (taught in Finnish only) and Finnish as a second language from the very beginning. Naturally, there are more advanced courses available for those who have previously studied the language.  You are offered contact, online and blended learning courses. Furthermore, there are joint online courses from other universities.

For more information on the activities of the Language Centre

Pasi Puranen, Director of Language Centre
050 470 5322

Johanna Marjomäki, Manager (Finnish and Swedish)
044 708 1083 

Ritva Kosonen, Manager (Foreign languages in Finland)
0400 376 364