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Student Union KOE

KOE is the student union of LAB University of Applied Sciences. We want to make your student life the best time of your life. Our job is to make sure that your studies go as smoothly as possible. Read more about KOE.

Chairperson's Greetings 2024 Henna Suhonen

Congratulations on getting accepted and welcome to LAB!

It's fantastic to have you join our community here at LAB University of Applied Sciences. You get to spend your academic journey in a modern and career-focused institution. Alongside your studies, you'll also become part of our diverse student community, where there's a place for everyone.

The first few days of studying are bound to be exciting and maybe a little nerve-wracking, but hey, we've all been there. Don’t stress too much about the overwhelming amount of information during orientation week. Try to enjoy this unique experience. I can personally say that orientation is one of the best times as a student. LAB, KOE Student Union, and your own student association will help you get started and support you throughout your studies.

Remember, you're the one who shapes the direction of your studies. Seize different opportunities, actively challenge yourself to learn new things, and participate actively in our community. This way, you'll make your study experience truly your own. 

Best of luck for the start of your studies!

Best regards,
Henna Suhonen
KOE Student Union
Chair of the Board 2024