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The bachelor’s thesis for the UAS degree is a broad course of study for the preparation of the students in planning and researching areas for development, and working as an expert in their field of study. The extent of study for the bachelor’s thesis is 15 credit points. The scope of the thesis in the degree program in Construction Management is 10 credits.

The goals of the master's degree programs are to develop and demonstrate the student’s ability to apply research to practice, to solve problems in the workplace, and to be experts in the field. The extent of study for the master's thesis is 30 credit points.

The thesis may be done alone or in groups of students, but if done in a group, each group member must be able to demonstrate their own contribution to the whole for evaluation.

A report of the bachelor’s thesis must be submitted in accordance with the rules governing the study plan which the student stores in the Theseus online library and specifies access rights to his or her thesis when storing the thesis.

On this site you can find instructions and guidelines regarding theses.

There are separate instructions for the theses of Bachelor and Master's degrees. In addition to the general instructions of LAB, the different study fields might have more detailed instructions of their own. The study fields are responsible the for the content of those instructions and their distribution to the students.