Exam-examination enrolling and user regulations

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Exam-examination enrolling and user regulations

Registration for an electronic exam

Registration for electronic exams consists of registration phase and time booking phase. Both phases are completed in the information system “EXAM”. Registration can be done from any computer. You can have one registration per exam in force at one time.

  1. Open a browser and log in at the address https://exam.lab.fi 

  2. Select your organisation in the HAKA organisation menu and log in. 

    • You need to remember your email address/username and password when you start your exam in the Exam space.
      Multi-Factor Authentication is not used on the Exam computers, since you cannot bring any devices to the Exam space.

  3. Find the exam you want to register for - Copy‐paste the link you’ve received from the teacher to the address row of the browser e.g. https://exam.lab.fi/enroll/exam/3182?code=KE00BA46

  4. Register for the exam by clicking the “Register for the exam” ‐button.

  5. System confirms your registration by announcing” You have registered to an exam. Remember to book an exam time.”

  6. Choose the Exam room from the drop‐down list.

  7. Book a vacant exam time. Choose a suitable time from all the available time slots in the booking calendar.

  8. A confirmation message is sent to your email with the information about the exam time and computer reserved for you.

Changing your exam reservation

If you are unable to attend the exam, log in at https://exam.lab.fi to cancel or modify your reservation. Choose ”Edit reservation” or “Remove the booking” in the Locked exams section - You can cancel or modify your reservation until the time your exam starts. Please act on time so that the exam slot can be used by others.

You can change your exam reservation in the Locked exams section


The code of conduct of an electronic exam

Electronic exam differs from the normal exam with respect to the surveillance/monitoring and some of the properties. Due to these differences the rules in the electronic exams are stricter.

Remember this:

The exam room is equipped with surveillance cameras, which record both picture and sound. The recordings are available for checking after the exam.

There is a register system report made of the surveillance system by the keeper of the register (LAB). Registering for electronic exams means, that you give your consent to the camera surveillance.

  • Be prepared to identify yourself before entering the exam room -there will be inspections concerning identification arranged randomly.

  • Read the Exam instructions.

  • The instructions can also be found in the “Instructions” folder in the exam computers.

  • You must not move in and out of the exam room during the exam or move around in the exam room in vain.

  • You must not discuss with others, look at other computers or interact in any way with the other exam takers.

  • Using the storage lockers is allowed only for the students taking an exam while the exam is in progress. You must empty the locker immediately after leaving the exam room. LAB UAS is not responsible for the things left in storage lockers.

  • You are not allowed to use any electronic devices, dictionaries, literature or any other material in the exam. Snacks, water bottle, scrap paper or pens/pencils are not allowed either.

  • If your exam is prohibited or disturbed by technical or other problems act according to the instruction ”In case of a problem”. The instructions can also be found in the “Instructions” folder in the exam computers.

  • If you don’t follow this code of conduct, your exam can be disqualified. All suspicions of misconduct will be investigated, and a proven misconduct can lead to disqualification of the exam and disciplinary measures.