Residence issues


Visa, residence permit or registration?

When going abroad for studies or placement you need to check yourself what is needed for you to enter the host country and stay there. Entry formalities always depend on your citizenship and country of the destination, therefore no exact guidelines can be given by LAB International Services. You need to follow up the instruction given by the host organization and the embassy. You are responsible of finding out the information and completing the process according to the guidance given by the host organization.

Visa for Non-EU Citizens entering an EU country

If you are a Non-EU citizen, you must apply for a visa/residence permit before entering an EU country.

Things to notice for Non-EU citizens:

  • Find out about the visa regulations early enough!

  • Inform Migri about the exchange when applying the extension of your residence permit. If you are out of Finland more than 6 months, you cannot get an extension to Finland.

  • If your Finnish Residence permit expires while you are abroad, apply for a new residence permit before returning (the nearest Finnish consulate/embassy). Allow up to three months for the new card to arrive.

  • If you have a residence permit to a Schengen country, you can travel to another Schengen country for up to 90 days.

  • To some countries might be enough just to make mobility notification -check your situation!

  • Unsolved issues with your residence permit might prevent your exchange

You are responsible of checking these issues from the authority of the destination country!

EU citizens – registration in the EU host country

EU Citizens studying in another EU/EEA country need to register upon arrival (at the police station / the city hall of the municipality). Registration needs to be made within 3 months. Check the guidelines from the local authorities and follow the instructions given by the host organization. These might be given in the possible orientation programme.