Personal study plan (PSP)

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Personal study plan (PSP)

Personal study plan (PSP) is a tool for planning your personal development. Your personal study plan helps you to do choices during your studies and finally to reach your study goals.​​

What is PSP? 

PSP, or Personal Study Plan is a documented schedule of studies the student accomplishes: how, when and in what order. PSP guides studying process and is built around student’s target study program and skills.

A student can take interests, career objectives and employment possibilities into account when choosing the studies.

PSP is first and foremost a student’s tool in designing own studies: with the help of PSP it is easier for a student to be clear of what still needs to be accomplished and what has already been done.

PSP is prepared with the assistance of the study supervisor or instructors appointed by the teaching unit. At least one PSP discussion is held with each student at the beginning of their studies.

PSP can be modified as the objectives change and become more focused.

How to make PSP?  

PSP is done in Peppi. Planned studies can be scheduled by semesters.

The degree structures and plans 2017-2020 are available in Peppi as templates.

You can get assistance in making a study plan from your tutor teacher in the very beginning.


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