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LAB has currently more than 300 partner universities, so everyone will surely find a place where to go. However, every year some partner universities are more popular than the others which means some places have more students wanting to go there than we can send. Therefore, a certain selection criterion needs to be used. 

LAB criteria for the student exchange  

  1. Minimum of one (1) year of studies completed before the student exchange  (Some degree programmes require 2-4 semesters before student exchange - please check the minimum requirement of your degree programme.)

  2. Success and progress in studies at LAB.  

  3. Suitability of the exchange period to the student’s curriculum at LAB.  

  1. Suitability of the host institution courses to the student's curriculum at LAB.  

  1. Sufficient knowledge to study in language of instruction based on transcript and other documents. Tested if needed.  

  1. Study and career related goals and motivations specified in the application.  

  1. Department’s approval.  

  1. If needed, an interview. 

Internal application 

The application goes in two phases: first you need to apply in the internal application round in LAB to see which institution you will get to go.

In the second phase, you will apply to your host institution abroad. 

Every year there are two internal application rounds for exchange studies abroad: 

  • 15.1. - 8.2. for next autumn & spring semesters and the whole academic year 

  • 1. - 15.9. for next spring semester for all the remaining places from the previous application round 

Application infos will be organized during the application period - come to learn how to apply and get answers to your questions. 

Application infos for spring 2022 exchanges were held on 1.9. and 9.9.2021. 

Information about other meeting times with International Services can be found here.

The internal application to LAB is done in  two  stages: 

  1. First fill in the "Online application form for a study abroad” (the link available only during the application periods). In your application indicate the partner institutions (3) in order of preference, tell about your relevant language skills, answer some motivational questions and inform which studies you wish to complete while abroad. 

  1. You will receive a confirmation email which contains a link to the  LAB Mobility-Online system. The appendices will be uploaded to your user account via workflow. In this stage you need to finalize your application by submitting photo of yourself, your transcript (opintosuoritusote) and CV in English. Your transcript does not need to be signed, you can download it yourself from Peppi (Atomi). CV is freeform (though, must be in English). Remember also to submit your application!

The decisions will be sent to students via email by 15th March (spring application round) or 30th September (autumn application round).  

Application to the host institution 

After you have got a confirmation that you have been accepted to a study abroad by LAB, you will be officially nominated to the host institution by LAB International Services. After the official nomination, you are allowed to contact the host university abroad and start their application process according to their instructions. Do not contact them before this! In the confirmation message there will be information also about the next steps of your exchange.  

The preparation for the exchange period in autumn semester starts usually in March-April and for the spring semester usually in October. Please note that after receiving the confirmation of acceptance from LAB, you are responsible of completing the exchange application to the host institution according to their deadlines so check the deadlines yourself. International services will help you with the preparations, if needed.

Note that you are responsible of all the arrangements. However, we will go through the process in Go Abroad Kick Off sessions which are a compulsory part of the exchange process (you will be invited by email). Regarding the rest of the preparations, check out the section Preparations for studies and placement abroad.

After you have received official acceptance from your host institution, you will take care yourself maintaining the contact to your host institution. 

Learning agreement

Students going for exchange will have to do a learning agreement (LA) together with their faculty contact person which will set up your study plan abroad. The learning agreement is done as a step in your Mobility-Online account in digitally.

Find out the course selection from the host institution. You may have got the course listing by email or if not, check the host institution’s website. Make an initial plan for the courses you are going to participate before you meet up with your faculty’s contact person. When meeting up with him/her, you will go through the courses together and see whether some changes need to be made.

Learning agreement must be signed by three parties: student, responsible person from LAB and responsible person from the host institution too. The LA needs to be signed by all parties before you can apply for the funding from LAB.

Once you start your studies abroad and if there are any changes to your initial LA, you will have to enter the "during the mobility" steps (changes to LA) in LAB Mobility-Online.


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