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A separate Acceptance letter will be sent to applicants accepted through the Transfer application in spring 2022, containing important information about starting the studies and accepting the offered place.

Accepting the study place

After being accepted to a degree programme at LAB, you must accept the place at Studyinfo by 15 July 2022 at 15.00 pm. If the place is not accepted within the deadline, the place will be lost.

Once you have accepted a place to study, register as present or absent for the academic year 2022-2023 in the OILI service, which you can access from My Study Path

The study right

The study right of the accepted applicants begins in 1 Autumn 2022. After accepted the new study right, you will loose the right to study in your earlier University. Ensure that all course evaluations are registered in the study system at your home institution by 31 July 2022. The studies will begin in August 2022.

LAB@key – Digital introduction to your studies

LAB@key (1 credit) is a digital introduction course to students. Its goal is to familiarise you with the procedures, digital tools and learning environments used at LAB University of Applied Sciences. LAB@key also provides information concerning the progress of your studies and well-being of students. Read more form here.