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Obligation to wear face mask concerns also paper-and-pen exams arranged at the campuses.

Peppi retake exam service will be used from the January 2021 exams. The Peppi Exams service manages paper and computer exams and other electronic exams such as Moodle exams on the Lappeenranta campus on general re-exam days.

Notice! EXAM exams are not administered at Peppi.

See instructions for enrollment Peppi instructions.

Exam dates

Business and Technology

9.9.22 clock  16.15-19.15
7.10.22 clock 16.15 -19.15
4.11.22 clock 16.15 -19.15
2.12.22 clock 16.15 -19.15

13.1.23 clock 16.15 - 19.15
3.2.23.clock 16.15 - 19.15
3.3.23 clock 16.15 - 19.15
14.4.23 clock 16.15 - 19.15
5.5.23 clock 16.15 - 19.15
26.5. clock 16.15 - 19.15

Health Care and Social Service


Computer exams

7.9.22 clock  16.15 - 19.15
5.10.22 clock  16.15 - 19.15
2.11.22 clock  16.15 - 19.15
7.12.22 clock  16.15 - 19.15

11.1.23 clock  16.15 - 19.15
1.2.23 clock 16.15 - 19.15
1.3.23 clock 16.15 - 19.15
5.4.23 clock  16.15 - 19.15
3.5.23 clock  16.15 - 19.15
24.5.23 clock  16.15 - 19.15


Resit examination instructions

These instructions are applicable for exams completed on general examination dates. Students can do a maximum amount of three exams on one examination date. Participation in exams is limited to students who have enrolled as present and who have signed up for the course in question.

Only those students who have enrolled as instructed have a right to participate for the examination. Late enrolments are disregarded. Students who have failed to cancel their participation seven days before the resit examination date will lose one examination opportunity. A fail grade is given to those students who have enrolled for the resit but are absent from the examination without a justifiable reason. 

In resit examinations students must carry a photo identity card and the necessary writing tools. Mobile phones and other items including the wristwatches are to be left at the front of the examination room. The examination monitors will seat students so that those carrying out the same examination will not sit next to each other. The teacher must pre-notify students and examination monitors in the event that other tools or materials are permitted for the exam. Monitors have the right to check the tools and materials students have with them. All the students must carry their own tools and materials.

Students are not allowed to talk with each other after entering the examination room. Students can start doing their exams once the monitor gives a permission. Exam answers are to be written on the question papers provided by the teacher or on writing paper supplied by the university of applied sciences. Alternatively, they may be entered in electronic form in a manner designated by the teacher. In leaving the examination, students must return all papers received.

If a student has reason to take up any matter with the examination monitor, she/he must indicate this by raising his/her hand and waiting until the monitor comes.

Students may leave the examination no earlier than 15 minutes after its official starting time. If a student has to leave for a bathroom, she/he can do this only with permission and under supervision.

Students who are late are allowed to take part in the examination if nobody has left the auditorium before their arrival.

As a rule, the time period allowed to complete the examination is three hours (3 h). For special reasons, students may be granted more time to complete the examination and permission to use necessary aids. The course teacher must inform the exam monitor of such a case in advance.

In exams conducted in IT classrooms, the use of email and the Internet is prohibited during exams unless permission is granted by the teacher.

The exam monitor has the right to expel students suspected of cheating from the examination. If cheating is noted after the examination, the examiner may fail the exam in question. A student charged with cheating or another infraction may be penalized at the university of applied sciences by official warning or be dismissed for a prescribed period (General Regulations on Degrees 2.1.2020)

Students must show their ID when handing in their exam and leaving the examination.