Finding a placement abroad

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Finding a placement abroad

The first step towards placement abroad is finding a suitable workplace. Here are listed some websites where you can look for internships abroad. The application is done exactly the same way as you would do applying a placement from Finland. Also have a look into the placement offers which are sent to LAB, available at Yammer. Also check out your own faculty's notice board if there is a similar listing. Note that some services might charge a fee for finding a placement for you.


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You can also contact companies yourself! Send out your CV and an open motivation letter if you have found THE company you wish to do your internship for. Note that some of LAB's partner institutions might offer to find a placement for you (e.g. Health Care and Social Services). When the host institution finds the placement, supervise and award the credits from it, that is considered as study exchange. Further info on applying to the study exchange to partner institution, visit Exchange studies -page!

Also check out the LAB Mobility-Online Report Portal for placement reports. You could find an interesting work place from there too.

Happy hunting!