Thesis writing guidance

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Thesis writing guidance

Bachelor's Degree students

There are three consecutive parts in the LAB thesis writing process:

Thesis Writing Lectures 1 cr

  • compulsory for you
  • You are provided with theory and LAB writing practices when you have started your thesis, i.e. after you have participated in the thesis kick-off, you have a thesis supervisor and you are about the start writing the thesis.
  • joint contact/online lectures for all degree programmes
  • maximum number of students in a group 50
  • on Peppi, please, enrol on Thesis Planning, 5 credits.  The course comprises Thesis Writing, 1 credit.
  • on the Moodle platform Enrolment: Thesis Writing Lectures you can select a suitable thesis writing schedule and give your name, group, and the code of the Thesis Planning course you are enrolled on.

Individual Thesis Writing Guidance

  • compulsory for you
  • At the beginning of your thesis process you will be given a personal writing mentor. The mentor will contact you by your lab email.
  • the text of the thesis report is processed together with a thesis writing mentor when you have written about half of the intended length of the thesis report.

Thesis Writing Assessment

  • the finished thesis is to be sent for evaluation to the thesis instructor and your personal writing mentor at the same time. This must take place at least two weeks before you submit the application for the certificate at the latest.
  • the writing mentor does not correct any mistakes at this point.

You will find the thesis writing guidelines and the thesis template here.

Master's Degree students

All master´s degree students are to take an online Research Writing course (6 hours) at the beginning or their studies. The online lecture series is included in the Thesis Planning (10 ECTS), and you receive an entry in Peppi for completing it. The completion of the lecture series is assessed pass/fail.

There is non-stop enrolment for Research Writing Online 

Enrolment key: MASTERLAB

The thesis supervisor/instructor can recommend individual writing guidance to the thesis author if necessary.