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Doing studies abroad offers a unique possibility to achieve international experience and language skills for working life. Part of your studies at LAB can be completed by taking part of a student exchange program or by carrying out practical training abroad.

Studies done abroad will be compensated as a part of your LAB degree.


Various possibilities around the world

As a LAB student you can complete one semester or one academic year in one of our partner institutions located all over the world. In addition to the European partner institutions, LAB has bilateral exchange agreements with many Asian, North and South American and African partner institutions.

If you are not keen to do a full academic semester abroad, LAB also offers a possibility to take part in one-week International Intensive programmes, which are planned and carried out together with our partner institutions. More information about intensive weeks can be found here


Exchange Programmes

Erasmus+, FIRST+ and Nordplus are the exchange programmes LAB takes part of currently. LAB has also signed bilateral exchange agreements with several institutions worldwide and these exchanges are referenced as bilateral exchanges.

Switzerland is not part of Erasmus+ programme currently but they provide grants for exchange students coming to the country from the state’s own budget.

Considering student exchange in UK? Note the Brexit impacts on exchanges in the UK.

What does it mean then if you take in part of a certain exchange program?

In general, the only difference to you is the amount of money you will receive from LAB - the grant for studies abroad is determined by the particular exchange programme. You can read about more about the grants paid by LAB in the section Financing your exchange period.


When to go? 

Recommended time for exchange period is the second or third year of your studies for your exchange studies. A placement abroad you can nevertheless do for example during your first summer semester break. 

You also have a chance to combine studies with placement, so that you will study abroad first and while you are there, you look for a placement from the same destination area.

What is the best time for you to do your placement or exchange studies abroad then? That is an answer that your tutor teacher will help you answer.

If you know already by the time you are starting your studies at LAB, that you definitely want to go abroad, you should also bring this topic up when you are discussing with your tutor teacher. 

Also note that the semester timings are not the same everywhere, so this issue should be also considered when you are choosing your destination. The best source to check the semester timings in a specific institution, is the institution’s websites.

Note to check also the current Coronavirus instructions and recommendations at LAB University of Applied Sciences.

More information for Health and Social Welfare Unit students

Health and Social Welfare Unit students find more detailed information regarding international opportunities in Moodle course "Health and Social Welfare Unit Students International Info" (No course key needed).