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Webropol feedback system

The LUT universities use Webropol 3.0, web-based survey tool provided for students that can be used to carry out surveys, service surveys and surveys for different target groups, for example in connection with thesis and internships.

LAB students log in to Webropol via link: webropol.lab.fi. Access to webropol with LUT-login and password (= the same login and password that is normally used to log in), so no separate login is needed.

NB: It is not possible to log via webropol.fi. If you don't actively work in Webropol for a while, it is automatically closed and then you will end up to the wrong login page. Remember to change the address: webropol.lab.fi.

Instructions for conducting Webropol surveys can be found on the Webropol website. First log in to Webropol and then in the top right-hand corner of the Webropol website you will find a link to "Support and instructions", where you will find lots of instructions, including an extensive guide "Webropol 3.0 Guide, PDF".

If you have problems with Webropol, please contact