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All LAB students can apply for studies abroad. Choose the destination and partner institution so that the studies done there supports your studies at LAB. You can look for options where you can deepen your skills in some specific field.  

Also, think about what linguistic area you are most interested in, and in which language you could and would prefer studying. Remember that language courses are a vital part of the exchange period. Supportive language courses should be considered as early as during the first year of studies. 

Exchange Possibilities portal

The possible partner universities for studies abroad for this academic year are available from the Exchange possibilities portal. You can check your exchange possibilities based on a study field. Please note that agreements for academic year 2022-2023 are currently upon discussion with partner institutions, so changes are possible!

Further information about partner institutions’ is available at their own web pages. However, please do not contact the partner institutions at this stage yet. Who you can contact, are the International Services and Departmental Coordinator of your study field

LAB Mobility-Online Exchange possibilities Portal – LAB partner universities abroad 

Considering student exchange in UK? Note the Brexit impacts on exchanges in the UK.


A good source of information is exchange reports of students who have taken part in studies or placement abroad – do not hesitate to contact the students directly!

Also, if there are exchange students from a partner uni you are interested in to go studying in LAB, don’t be afraid to go and ask them to get the best insider tips from a local. 

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