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You can do your placement abroad too – and just as easily as you would do it in Finland. The only difference between placements done in Finland and abroad is that you might be eligible to apply funding from LAB provided that the criteria is met. Note that grant can be paid only physical placements meaning that you will travel to the host organisation country to do the placement there. Get more international experience and use the possibility to complete a placement abroad!

How to proceed?

Guidance and supervision for the placement abroad is given by the teachers of your degree programme just like for placements done in Finland. In general, the instructions and guidelines given by your degree programme are valid for placements done abroad too.

Please check the placement criteria and practical training coordinators of your faculty from eLAB Practical training -pages.

Further guidance on insurances and grants available from Preparations for studies and placement abroad -pages.

You can do a placement abroad already during the summer after the first year of studies. You can also combine studying and placement abroad so that you look for a placement during your exchange studies from that area. Your tutor teacher is able to help you find the best timing for a placement in your studies. If you already know in the beginning of your studies that you want to complete a placement abroad, it is definitely wise to bring that op with your tutor teacher in an early stage.

Note the Brexit impacts on placement done in UK. 

Check also the Coronavirus instructions and recommendations at the LAB University of Applied Sciences.

LAB Mobility-Online

All placements done physically outside of Finland need to be registered beforehand in LAB mobility system, Mobility-Online. Remote/teleworking placements done from other country than the destination country cannot be supported with grant. There are two programmes related to placement abroad:

  • Placement: Placements abroad (physical attendance at the host country) which last at least two months (60 days) and where you will receive a grant from International Services for it. The grant application and agreements are finalized within LAB Mobility-Online.
  • Mobility period abroad: Placement abroad (physical attendance at the host country) which is not financially supported via LAB (For example a placement which is completed in the applicant’s home country (excluding Erasmus Traineeship), placements less than two months, EDUFI-placement etc.).

Application links and further info on the process are available from the section Placement agreement. Placement credits are issued by the degree programme (not from the international services).

Check out the info on grants, insurances etc.

Further info on LAB Mobility-Online