Placement abroad arrangements

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Placement abroad arrangements

When you have found a suitable placement and a traineeship has been offered to you, you can start your preparations following the instructions of your degree programme. It is highly recommended to have training agreement made if the host organisation does not conclude an employment contract with you. Check from your degree programme from where the training agreement template is available for you. Please check also that you have the needed insurances and take care of your personal insurance matters before going abroad. Further info on insurances available here!

When your placement is done abroad, meaning outside of Finland, you need to register your placement abroad to International Mobility Services:

  1. Once you have agreed on the internship details and the agreement has been signed, register your internship with LAB Mobility-Online. Start by completing the online International Internship registration form. More information on how / with what information the required field needs to be filled, can be found behind the "?" -icons. Please read the questions and additional information carefully and complete the online form. The form is in English, so the answers will also be in English.
  2. Once the form has been successfully completed, you will receive an "Registration Confirmation" email with further instructions. Please read the e-mail carefully and follow the instructions, fill the requested information and upload the needed documents to LAB Mobility-Online. Once all the information has been stored in LAB Mobility-Online and the information has been confirmed by you, your International Internship -registration will be transferred to the International Mobility Services for review.
  3. After completing your information in LAB Mobility-Online, International Mobility Services will be able to place your internship in the right exchange program. You will then receive an e-mail with more detailed instructions on how to proceed and information on the grant program. The actual grant is also applied through LAB Mobility-Online and additional Erasmus+ documentation is made via LAB Mobility-Online. Note that grants are handled by International Mobility Services once a month. Your application is processed by that timeline and you do not need to verify if all is done as long as all your LAB Mobility-Online workflow steps are completed. International Mobility Services will contact you if further info is needed or you have uploaded wrong documents. 
  4. Note that you need to continue the LAB Mobility-Online process after your placement abroad is completed. Follow the instructions and workflow of LAB Mobility-Online. Make sure to proceed according to the instructions for placements given by your degree programme also. Please read the After your placement -page.

Please note that you need to fill out the LAB Mobility-Online application well in advance before the start of your mobility period. Only the ones in the system have valid insurances from LAB (in case no work contract signed). Degree Programme's own instructions and guidelines need to be followed!

If you encounter any problems with the LAB Mobility-Online, please contact for further guidance.