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The new Lahti campus is a modern learning environment which is built on former factory premises. Campus area in Lahti (called NiemiCampus) consists of the campuses in Niemenkatu 73 and Mukkulankatu 19. You can get to Niemenkatu from Mukkulankatu through Vuoripojankatu.

Opening hours at Mukkulankatu 19 

Main entrance (the train-side end of the building)
Mon–Fri  7.00–16.00
Lobby services Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00

At other times (evenings and weekends) entrance with your own student or staff ID card.

The campus is open for study 24/7. A separate night work notice required when machines / equipment are used for studies. The notification will be made by e-mail to the teacher in charge of studies and the safety manager

Opening hours at Niemenkatu 73 

B2 entrance, via campus path and through the yard of the property
Mon–Fri  7.00–16.00

Moving around Lahti campuses

Electronic access control is used on both Lahti campuses (Mukkulankatu 19 and Niemenkatu 73). On Mukkulankatu, use an electronic ID or student card when entering.

At Niemenkatu 73, an electronic key is given to those students who have numerous on-campus lectures. The entrance to the building is accessed via the Laatikkotehtaankatu entrance.

Contact information

Campus services at Mukkulankatu
+358 29 4462513

Lobby services at Mukkulankatu
+358 50 9186784 

Lobby services at Niemenkatu
+358 50 385 4986