RPL - Recognition of prior learning

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RPL - Recognition of prior learning

RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning. The process is for students who want the recognition of prior learning as part of the qualification to be obtained, either for compulsory or optional studies. In this way, the student does not have to re-learn things/skills that he/she already has.

The skills, which will be taken into consideration can be e.g. 

  • earlier studies 
  • studies during your current studies (e.g. CampusOnline)
  • simulated work situations or work experience 
  • portfolios, assessment interviews

The RPL practices for Health Care and Social Services students can be found here.

The RPL practices for Master students can be found here.

Open UAS Path students NOTE! During Open Path studies, previous studies/competences are not recognition to studies. Only studies completed on CampusOnline during the path studies will be accepted if they are relevant to the pathway. Recognition credit for previous studies/competences will be only for graduate student.

As of March 2022, the Puro service will no longer be used at our university. From March, all previously acquired knowledge and CampusOnline courses taken during your studies must be completed via Peppi's eRPL.

Forms of the recognition of prior learning

Forms of the recognition of prior learning can be substitution, inclusion or skills demostration.

Substitution: Substitution means that a student's prior competence or studies substitute for a unit in the student's PSP.

Inclusion: If there are no similar units in the PSP, prior studies or competence can be included in the degree for example as part of elective studies. 

Skills demonstration: If the prior competence only substitutes for a part of a UAS unit, skills for the rest of the unit must be demonstrated to a teacher. In this case the student and the teacher write down the agreement for the missing part of the unit in the eRPL system.

RPL Shortly, do this:

  1. Evaluate your previous/alternative learning in relation to the learning outcomes set out in the curriculum. You will find the learning outcomes in your study guide.
  2. Discuss with your teacher tutor. Study guidance discussions are mandatory in the RPL process and they help the student with filling in the application. An application that has been filled in corretly makes the RLP processing faster. 

    For prior learning in the study guidance discussion the student and the teacher tutor verbally agree on RPL. If a student's prior study or competence compensates for a UAS study unit, this unit can be added to the student's PSP during the study guidance discussion. In the case of several RPL units (e.g. the student has completed path studies or transferring from another institution), the student and the tutor teacher fill in a form compiling all units. Prepare to present an original or a verified copy of your prior studies or competence with your degree certificate.

    For CampusOnline studies, you agree with tutor teacher which studies you can include in your degree.

  3. ​​Fill in the application in Peppi. Please find instructions with pictures from here.

    The application must include attach a certificate of previous completions e.g. as a pdf file, Word or jpg file. If you haven’t got transcript of records from your studies, you can check if studies are in your “My Studyinfo” -site and share data from there. Please find instructions below, under the headline: Attachment to the eRPL application for studies where there is no transcript of records (e.g. CampusOnline).

    Please note that the registered completions will not be deleted from Peppi. If you are not sure whether you want to have a performance registered in Peppi, (e.g. because of a low grade), do not submit an RPL application.

    If the CampusOnline course is to be included into the degree (e.g. into complementary competence), choose the study secretary of your group to handle the application, not a tutor teacher! NOTE! The guidance discussion is always marked as taken with the tutor teacher. You can check with your study secretary at Peppi, instructions can be found here: Information on study rights.

As a rule, studies that exceed the degree’s required credit limit will not be included in the degree. (Degree Regulations 25 §.)

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Prior learning can be recognized at LAB! Watch the video and see how it's done!