Enrollment for academic year

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Enrollment for academic year

The Autumn semester in the UAS starts on 1 August and ends on 31 December.

The Spring semester starts on 1 January and ends on 31 July.

As a degree student you are obliged to enroll as present or absent for each academic year.

All the continuing students enroll to the next academic year through Peppi.

Only students registered as present have the right to complete their studies, get grades to student register and graduate. Only students registered as present are covered by LAB insurance.

Starting in 2021, all present students are entitled to use the services of FSHS and they will pay a healthcare fee to Kela. Read more from here.

Registration deadlines

Registration as present or absent student

The continuing student must enroll as present or absent for each academic year. Make an enrollment for an entire year if you still have study right: 1 May - 31 August

You can change your enrollment for spring semester in December: 1 - 31 December

Changing your registration status from present to absence

1 May - 31 August (whole academic year)

1 - 31 December (spring semester)

(Enrollment as absent during the semester is not possible)

Changing your registration status from absence to present

If a student wants to change his/her status as present during ongoing semester, the entire semester is counted as present during the enrollment period you may change your status yourself, at other times contact Student services


NOTE! Student, who has not enrolled for present or absent every academic year by the deadline, loses the right to study. Student, who has failed to enroll, has a right to apply for restoration of study right by paying 50 euros handling fee. Return of the study right is done by filling in the form, if you still have study right time left. 

If you have problem enrolling for an academic year, please contact LAB student services as soon as possible: studentservices@lab.fi


Continuing the studies after absence

When you are returning to your studies after the absence, you may enroll for present through the Peppi system during the enrollment periods. If you are not able to log-in, please activate your ID here: id.lut.fi

Do you know that you have possibility to enroll as absent during your studies?

Read more about suspending your studies -page. 

Video description

During the enrolment period, you can easily do your semester enrolments in Peppi. Watch the video and see how it's done!