After acceptance

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After acceptance

To be accepted for an exchange at LAB, you need to submit an application on our LAB Mobility-Online system. Once you have submitted your application and all the required documents to LAB, and we have accepted your application, you will receive an acceptance letter via email. Please read the acceptance letter carefully and follow the instructions given. 

Welcome to LAB University of Applied Sciences - we want you to have a great experience studying with us!

Important points

Visas and Residence permit


All students are responsible for their own insurance arrangements and we strongly recommend you to take a comprehensive insurance for your stay in Finland. Before leaving your home country, please check your travel and health insurance.  Remember to bring the valid insurance policy with you!

As an exchange student your healthcare services in Finland are provided either through public or private sector depending on the country you come from and your insurances. It is also recommended that you have a valid health care insurance during your whole stay in Finland.