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Moodle is a learning management system (LMS) widely used at LAB University of Applied Sciences and other educational institutions. Moodle can be used in many ways for distributing course material, assigning tasks and assignments, giving and receiving feedback and for using forums for discussion. At-home examinations can be arranged by using Moodle. Moodle is also a convenient tool when conducting online courses.

Log in to Moodle with your LAB credentials. Remember to log in via the LAB University of Applied Sciences option. You can use Moodle with a web browser with any internet connection.

Course pages in Moodle

All the courses included in the curriculum have a Moodle course page. As the same course can be taught during different academic years or periods, you can identify the correct Moodle course by the course number and the period start date.

The courses are visible on Moodle for two years, unless the teacher closes access to the course earlier. In addition to this, the course will be archived and hidden for one extra year, which means that the course will remain in Moodle for altogether three years. Older courses are permanently removed. Remember to download all the necessary materials before the course is deleted.

How to access the courses in Moodle

You will be added automatically to the course in Moodle after you have enrolled in Peppi and the teacher has approved you to the course. Also teacher's have to set the course visible to students in Moodle. You can have more information about course contents from the teacher.

User account for a student or a teacher outside of LAB University of Applied Sciences is mainly active for one year. After that the account will be removed.