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Congratulations! Your studies are almost complete. The checklist below will help you take all the necessary steps before you graduate.


Remember to do these things before you graduate:

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1. Make sure you have completed your studies according& to your personal study plan and degree program. In addition, you have demonstrated the required language skills.​​

You will find this information at Peppi

2. Answer the graduation feedback questionnaire (AVOP).
  • Answer the graduation feedback questionnaire (AVOP) from here

  • Please remember to sign in to the survey by using your own UAS credentials. Choose from the list: LAB University of Applied Sciences

  • NOTE! You can only log in once to the AVOP -questionnaire and the graduation application, so you will need to fill them up at the same time!

3. Apply for the degree certificate - After completing the AVOP questionnaire, you will be directed to fill the application for proof of graduating.
  • Please check opening dates of the Application of graduation from Graduation dates -page. 

  • Please remember to fill and send the application for graduation before the due date latest at 3 p.m.

4. Save the final approved version of your thesis to the Theseus Web Library
  • You will need it for your AD sign that expires on the day after the graduation date!

  • Instructions for publishing a thesis can be found on thesis guide.

5. NOTE! Students in social and health care:
  • Graduates in the social and health care should apply to Valvira to practice as a health care professional.

  • You must apply for a professional right yourself through Valvira's online service after you have graduated. You do not need to submit your diploma or other attachments to the system as the service will receive your graduation information from other systems.

  • A copy of your passport or your ID card are not needed.

More detailed instructions and a link to Valvira's e-services (only in Finnish) 

6. Are you familiar with LUT and LAB Career Services for Students?

The aim of the career services is to support students' smooth transition to the labor market. The target groups are all students from the beginning of their studies until they find their first position from their own field. Further information here.

7. Before graduation remember to restore emails and documents from school cloudservices to yourself as well as remove any transfer from school email to your own email, because school ICT services will close after graduation.

Thank you!

8. If you have a parking contract with eParking, please also remember to terminate your contract when you are graduated.

This will avoid monthly fees and free up your seat for the queue.

9. Please empty the lockers on campus from your belongings.

Thank you!

10. Update your contact information to LUT Academic Library, return your loans, and pay your over fines and fees.

You can continue using LUT Academic Library's print collection even though you no longer have access to e-materials after your graduation.

11. Return your personal ID card.

 In Lahti you may return it to the main entrance of Mukkula campus (Mukkulankatu 19, 15210 Lahti). Remember also return the electronic key of Niemenkatu if you had it. (Niemenkatu 73).

In Lappeenranta please return the key to the student union KOE office (main entrance of LAB).

If you have any questions about graduation, please contact the student services:

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