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Exam-visit service

Change in picking up Exam visitor access card in Lahti campus from July 1

Exam visitor, the way to pick up Exam visitor card will change from 1 July. Please carefully read the updated instructions for the Exam visit service and the Exam information for the Lahti campus.

Noise pollution in the EXAM hall in Lahti

Construction work is currently underway on the Mukkulankatu property in connection with the premises to be renovated for Kempower.

Due the noise pollution there are earplugs available in the EXAM hall. 

Exam visit service means that you can take an exam from your own university in another university's electronic Exam space.

More information about Exam visit service

General information about Exam visit service in LAB University of Applied Sciences

Registering for the exam is done in your home university Exam system. Note that your electronic exam reservation is visible only in your home university Exam.

In electronic Exam examination, the instructions of electronic exams of LAB University of Applied Sciences are followed. When visiting LAB University of Applied Sciences Exam space, you must adhere to the instructions and rules of LAB University of Applied Sciences Exam space. Exam space has a real-time and recording camera surveillance. If necessary, the recordings will be handed over to your home university.

LAB University of Applies Sciences Exam space has Windows workstations with limited software choices. There is no access to the Internet. The software and equipment in use during the exam can be checked in Exam – Electronic examination -page.

Please note that in electronic Exam examination you cannot use paper and pen to take notes or write your answers. If note-taking devices are allowed in your exam, reserve a computer with a pen display.

Read the following instructions before your examination in LAB University of Applied Sciences:

The code of conduct of an electronic exam

Electronic exam differs from the normal exam with respect to the surveillance/monitoring and some of the properties. Due to these differences the rules in the electronic exams are stricter.

Remember this:

The exam room is equipped with surveillance cameras, which record both picture and sound. The recordings are available for checking after the exam.

There is a register system report made of the surveillance system by the keeper of the register (LAB). Registering for electronic exams means, that you give your consent to the camera surveillance.

  • Be prepared to identify yourself before entering the exam room -there will be inspections concerning identification arranged randomly.
  • Read the Exam instructions.
  • The instructions can also be found in the “Instructions” folder in the exam computers.
  • You must not move in and out of the exam room during the exam or move around in the exam room in vain.
  • You must not discuss with others, look at other computers or interact in any way with the other exam takers.
  • The lockable storage lockers are available for each student. Using the storage lockers is allowed only for the students taking an exam while the exam is in progress. You must empty the locker immediately after the exam. LAB UAS is not responsible for the things left in storage lockers.
  • All items such as all outdoor clothing, tissues, papers, food, drink, phone or other electronic devices must be left in the lockers for the duration of the exam. Only the storage locker key may be on the exam table, if there is no separate place reserved for it.
  • If you have to reduce your clothes during the exam, they must be placed on the back of the chair. Clothes must not be on the table.
  • If your exam is prohibited or disturbed by technical or other problems act according to the instruction ”In case of a problem”. The instructions can also be found in the “Instructions” folder in the exam computers.
  • If you don’t follow this code of conduct, your exam will be evaluated as failed. Acting against these rules is considered as misconduct in studies and leads to disqualification of the exam and possible disciplinary measures.

Operating in the exam computer

You do not have to log in to the exam computer.

Start by clicking the shortcut link 1. Exam. The starting page of the browser is the login page of Exam. Choose from Haka organisation menu your own university and log in to Exam with your own university credentials.

Multi-Factor Authentication is not used on the Exam computers, since you cannot bring any devices to the Exam space.

Exam visit service for LAB students in other universities

When you make a reservation for exam in another university's Exam space, read carefully the exam instructions and rules of that university. Important: check in advance that the exam computer has the required software and that the exam space has the necessary equipment (e.g. a pen display). The use of paper and a separate calculator during the exam is also not allowed during the exam visit.

Look at the instruction: Reserving an examination time in another university's Exam space

Exam visit service in LAB electronic Exam hall for students from other universities