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LAB uses an online mobility software called Mobility-Online. It was taken in use for all mobilities starting from academic year 2020-2021. When travelling abroad related to LAB studies, each LAB student must fill out an electronic form to the LAB Mobility-Online software. The software has several programmes in use and the electronic form to be used depends on the type of the mobility. A separate application form needs to be done for each mobility period. Also our incoming exchange students apply to LAB via Mobility-Online system.

Mobility-Online programmes for LAB degree students

Student applying for studies or placement in a partner institution fills in the student exchange application form during the application period and places three alternative destinations on the form.
Further info on student exchange

Those who have found placement outside Finland and are eligible for grant paid by LAB, placement application form is the correct way to start the process. Note that placement agreement is also done via LAB Mobility-Online after your application has been allocated to the correct grant programme.
Further info on placement abroad

Students participating in short mobility periods or placement outside of Finland without grant paid by LAB, fills in the Mobility period abroad -form at the stage when the placement / participation in the mobility period has been already confirmed.
Register your mobility period abroad 
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Mobility-Online programmes for incoming students

Also our incoming exchange students apply to us via Mobility-Online. Programme for incoming exchange students is "Student exchange". Incoming exchange student must be nominated by their home institution first. All the relevant application information and additional application documents are gathered via LAB Mobility-Online. Incoming exchange students can also download their LAB transcripts from LAB Mobility-Online after the exchange. You will be notified when your transcript is ready.
Link to Exchange Student Guide

Exchange students participating in study visits related to LAB studies outside of Finland, fills in the Mobility period abroad -form at the stage when the participation in the study visit has been already confirmed. This registration is done by using the LAB user ID.
Register your mobility period abroad 

Through LAB Mobility-Online:

  • you apply a grant from International Services
  • LAB insurances validity is confirmed during the mobility period
  • mobility period will be complied to statistics
  • information of your mobility period will be transferred to the student register
  • incoming exchange students apply to study at LAB and download the LAB transcript after exchange

Please also note that a separate application form needs to be done for each mobility period and cancelled applications cannot be moved to different academic year and activated.

Login to LAB Mobility-Online

In order to access the Mobility-Online system, you must have valid application in the system. This means that first you need to fill an online application form. After the form has been submitted, then login to the system is possible. Each application form has their own unique web address and also each institution has their own unique login page to their own Mobility-Online software. 

LAB Degree students has to login to the online form and to the system by using their own LAB user ID via shibboleth identification. The used application form is determined by the exchange program (studies /placement / short mobility) and a link to the application form can be found in the detailed instructions for each exchange program and below. Once you have completed the online application form to LAB Mobility-Online system, you will then be able to log in to the system with your LAB ID using LAB's own Mobility-Online login page. Use Shibboleth authentication to log in, ie click on the HAKA logo. If you have password problems, please follow up the password change instructions at eLAB.

Incoming exchange students to LAB create their own user ID for LAB Mobility-Online after the online application form is submitted. You use the Mobility-Online login to the system. If password is forgotten, from the login page the request of the forgotten password can be sent (only exchange students at LAB can use this). The password is sent by the system to that email address what you have used in LAB Mobility-Online.

Links to the online application forms

You are responsible for ensuring that your application has correct and up-to-date information! If you have problems updating the information, please contact the International Services ( /

LAB Mobility-Online Portal

Via the Mobility-Online portal, you can get acquainted with LAB's partner institutions, student exchange opportunities and the reports of previous mobile students. At the top left of the portal you will find the different sites of the portal. The portal does not require a login and it is a good idea to check it out in advance when thinking about possible exchange destinations for yourself. We keep getting more exchange reports as our students return from their mobility periods.
Link to LAB Mobility-Online Portal