Thesis Master's Degree

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Thesis Master's Degree

Thesis process

Please notice, there are detailed instructions for thesis process given by your own faculty.

Starting and planning

  • Attend a thesis work information session
  • Read the Thesis guidebook
  • Choose a thesis topic and fill in the Thesis topic form
  • Conclude a Co-operation agreement with a working life partner
  • Familiarize yourself with research permit practices and data protection
    • LAB research permit application will be hand-signed by the student (PDF-signatures are not allowed) and student sends the application to thesis supervisor either on paper or scanned by e-mail. Thesis supervisor will forward the application into LUT Group official signing programme SarakeSign (for signatures of thesis supervisor and Director of the faculty).
  • Attend Research Writing online lectures
  • Prepare (and present when required) a thesis plan
  • Upload the thesis plan to Turnitin for inspection


  • Implement the thesis according to the plan and agreed schedule
  • Participate in guidance meetings with the thesis supervisor and the working life partner


  • Upload the thesis report to Turnitin for inspection
  • Present the thesis in the field of study (when required) and conduct possible peer review
  • Send the thesis report to the supervisor and the possible second reviewer for evaluation. Present your thesis report to the working life partner.
  • Write a maturity test
  • Conduct self-assessment and give feedback on the thesis process
  • Upload the thesis to Theseus