Studies at LAB


Studies at LAB

We offer studies for exchange students in all our study fields. All available courses for exchange students are taught in English and are usually second- or third-year studies.

The studies are offered by four faculties: Business and Hospitality Management, Health Care and Social Services, Technology and the Institute of Design and Fine Arts. Language studies are provided by the LAB language center.

Course offerings for exchange student to LAB

The courses for exchange students are available in the online Study Guide. Please note that the course descriptions, implementations, and timings can be updated in Study Guide later. (You should remember to change the language of the website to English using the button in the top left corner).

The majority of the chosen courses should be on-campus courses from the study field the student is applying for. Incoming exchange students may take some courses cross faculties and study fields if they meet the courses' prerequisites. However, please note that courses from the Institute of Design and Fine arts are available only for design and fine arts students. Note also that there can be changes in course offerings still in the beginning of the semester. Language and culture courses and interdisciplinary courses are open for all exchange students.

Business and Tourism and Hospitality

Design and Fine Arts

Health Care and Social Services


General information about Studies at LAB

In this section we have collected general information about studying at LAB. 

If you have any questions about the application process or other issues, we have created a webpage where we answer the most frequently asked questions.