Intensive weeks

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Intensive weeks

As a LAB degree student, you have a chance to gain international experience by participating short mobility periods abroad. Some intensive weeks, usually lasting from 5 to 10 days, are designed together with LAB partner universities and networks around the world. Other options might be summer schools or other short mobilities that the partner institution organizes themselves and invites students around the world to join in. Short mobilities are a great chance for you to gain knowledge in a multicultural environment.

By taking part of these intensive weeks, you can compensate some of your compulsory studies and/or advanced studies. And on top of that gain international experience! All LAB degree students can apply, and participants are chosen based on the course contents and objectives. 

The expenses depend on the length and location of the mobility period. In some cases, there might be possibility the school or network to cover some of the expenses, but the principle is that students are responsible of paying the expenses of travelling and accommodation themselves.

Note! Check the suitability of the intensive week to your personal study plan with your tutor teacher before registration!

If you plan to attend an intensive week where you need to be nominated by LAB (mentioned in the instructions), please contact before applying.

Note that you need to register your mobility period in LAB Mobility-Online before the start of the intensive programme and after your participation has been confirmed. Please note that only the physical attendance in intensive programmes done outside of Finland are registered. Make the registration to Mobility period abroad here

List and brochures of the current intensive weeks organized by partner institutions: