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Enrollment for courses - Peppi

On enrollment page, you can see all enrollments during your studies (Section Enrollment) and those courses that you can sign in according to your PSP (Section Enrollment ongoing).

Icon front of the row, will tell you conditions of enrollment: enrollment approved/ enrollment waiting for approval.

PSP Enrollment for courses

Studies in your PSP

Enrollment ongoing -section

The courses listed under this headline are available right now and part of your PSP. These courses are open for enrollment at the time of inspection.

Enroll on a course by clicking the Enroll button.

Other Studies

You can also enroll in courses that are not in your PSP. You should discuss about these with your tutor teacher before you enroll. Enrollment is possible in two different ways.

  1. Use Study search and add course with search for courses-button or
  2. Selecting studies to your PSP first and then enrolling in the ongoing section.

Both ways are easy. See further instructions below.

STYLE 1. Use Study search

  1. In Peppi front page go to > Study search > Search for courses
  2. Search the course, you want to enroll. Copy code of the course.
  3. Go back to Peppi > My studies >Enroll
  4. Paste course code to search for courses - box. And Enroll.
  5. Remember check your time table, if course fits in.
  6. Cancel unnecessary enrollments during enrollment time or before thearcher approves you to course.

If there is small group studies, enrollment options will be shown too.

PSP Search for courses

STYLE 2. Select new studies to your PSP

search new course first to your PSP. Selecting Studies-välilehdellä.
when you have course in your PSP, you can enroll for it in enrollment going -section.

All Enrollments

All enrollments during your studies can be seen listed end of the page.

Canceling enrollment

If your enrollment is not approved yet, you can cancel it.

Cancel enrollment by clicking Cancel-button.

Cancelling enrollment when you have been already approved.

If your enrollment has been already approved, contact teacher of the course via email. Entitle email: cancelling enrollment, add also name and code of implementation. This way it is easier for teacher to notice your cancellation.

Video description

LAB students can enrol in courses through Peppi. Watch the video and learn how it's done!