path students


Checklist for a new path student

1. Check the starting date and time of your studies

The studies will start with an orientation. During orientation you will meet your teacher tutor and fellow students.

Orientation and other important information about the start of your studies

2. Activate your LUT id

You can activate your LUT ID starting from 9.8.2021 at Your user ID will be used as a username when logging into the LAB systems (for example online learning platform Moodle). If you don't have Finnish online banking codes to activate your user ID, please contact studenthelpdesk[@]

3. Order or purchase a keycard

When visiting the LAB campuses, you will need a keycard.

If you're studying at Lahti Campus, order a keycard here. You will need a photo and your seven-digit student number. In the Degree programme -menu, choose "Open studies".

If you're studying at Lappeenranta Campus, purchase a keycard from the student union KOE (room A1095 at Lappeenranta Campus) with a 10 € cash payment.

4. Start you studies with LAB@key online course

LAB@key (1 credit) is a digital introduction to students, which serves the purpose of getting you familiarised with the procedures, digital tools and learning environments used at the University of Applied Sciences.

You will be able to start this course after you have activated your LUT ID.