Job interviews workshop at Lappeenranta Campus


Job interviews workshop at Lappeenranta Campus

Welcome to Job interview workshop! 
1.3.2023 at 13-15 @Lappeenranta Campus 

Workshop on ohjauskieleltään englanniksi, mutta kysyä saa myös suomeksi!

This workshop is especially for you if you are feeling almost as being tortured when someone is asking "what are your strengths" ;) 

In this workshop our goals are to discuss together what the hard parts are in interviews, how to respond those generally hated "tell something about yourself" questions and also look how you can prepare for interview in general. In registration you can also tell us the most difficult questions and we enclose them into our presentation and discussions. You also get some general tips how to present yourself beneficially and how the job markets function in general. 

During this workshop you can also ask questions in Finnish and we can also check shortly some Finnish phrasing as well during the practical training.

More info and registration @ JobTeaser

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