Uusi tietokanta käytettävissäsi: WGSN Interiors


Uusi tietokanta käytettävissäsi: WGSN Interiors

LABin opiskelijoiden ja henkilökunnan käyttöön on hankittu WGSN Interiors -tietokanta. Se tarjoaa trenditietoa kulutuskäyttäytymisestä ja sisustamisesta.

What is WGSN Interiors?

WGSN Interiors offers insights into evolving consumer lifestyles and interior trends from up-to-the-minute movements to 10 year forecasts. The platform taps into the future of home and public spaces by tracking the need-to-know trends in design, buying, retail, packaging, colours, material and finishes, as well as anticipating the impact of new technologies and sustainable practices.

What areas does WGSN Interiors cover?

Bed & Bath, Decorative Accessories, DIY & Craft, Furniture & Lighting, Garden & Outdoor, Gifting, Kitchen & Dining, Pets, Seasonal Events, Stationery, Teens Kids & Baby, Textiles, Living Spaces, Health & Wellness, Hospitality, Transport & Mobility, Walls & Floors, Work & Public Spaces, Buying, Retail & E-commerce, Visual Merchandising

What's the time range for trend coverage and forecasts?

WGSN Interiors cover trends emerging right now with The Feed and those impacting development in 2, 5 and 10 years’ time. The suite of 2-year forecasts are aligned with WGSN’s flagship annual macro forecasts: Future Consumer, Future Drivers and Future Innovations. The insights from these reports are then applied to the Big Ideas and Product Forecasts.

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