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Network ID

All students of LAB University of Applied Sciences have their own unique Active Directory Network ID consisting of a username and password. The ID is required to access all available online services, workstations, learning management systems and library databases. You will get your Network ID at the beginning of your studies. After receiving your Network ID, you will be able to log in to the online services that you will use throughout your studies at the LAB.

You can activate your user ID at, if you have Finnish online banking credentials.

Your user ID will be used as a username when logging into LAB systems (for example the online learning platform Moodle and study system Peppi). 

After activating your user ID, a personal LAB email address will be created for you (in the form The email address can be used as a username when logging in to Office 365 services (such as Outlook, OneDrive and Teams).

If you don't have Finnish online banking credentials, contact

Two different ways to log in


If you are logging in to the services provided by LUT University or LAB University of Applied Sciences (such as Moodle or Office 365), you will log in using the option on the left hand side of the image below.


When logging in to a service that is provided by an organisation in the Haka network, you may see a Haka login option. You can log in to the service by using your LUT account. Select LAB University of Applied Sciences as your organisation.