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You can purchase your Moveo Lahti membership from LUT Shop. Sports pass is  30 € / semester (6kk)   

Membership includes usage of Gym, Ball games and Group exercise classes. Autumn semester pass is valid until end of January and Spring semester pass until end of August.


There is a gym at NiemiCampus (Niemenkatu 73). The gym has a wide selection of equipment for weight- and cardio training. Access to the gym happens with a keytag, which is acquired from the NiemiCampus lobby services (open weekdays 8 am - 4 pm) by showing confirmation email of your membership order. You can purchase your membership at LUT Shop. Gym is open every day 6.00-22.30 (*excluding reservations for teaching). You`ll need to be out of the building before 23.00 when the alarms go on.

NiemiCampus outdoors are open from 8 am to 4 pm weekdays except door B2 which is open until 19.15. Outside of those hours you can enter the building from the door B2 with your keytag. Door B2 is located at the side of the building facing towards Mukkula Campus.

*Gym is reserved for teaching occasionally between 8 am to 6 pm. Reservations are being informed at the gym door and at our social media accounts.

Personal Gym instruction

If you`ll need help with start at the gym you can book a gym instruction time with wellbeing councellor Ahti. You can book your time at Bookings system.

Service is for all LUT and LAB students and you don`t need to be Moveo member.

If you cant find suitable time for you at the bookings system, you can contact Ahti directly (

Group exercise 

Group exercises are held at NiemiCampus (Niemenkatu 73) Group exercise space (NIE_73B105). Attending to group exercise classes requires always a booking in advance at our booking system and there is limited amount of places with each class. Only Moveo members can attend.

Autumn season classes 2022 (Start is at week 36)

NOTICE! Every months first Monday classes start at 17:15


Remote group exercise

MOVEO offers remote exercise classes with ZOOM. Classes are open and free of charge for all students. More information on MOVEO main page

Ball games 

NOTICE! Badminton, Rugby, Futsal and Basketball shifts start next week (week 39)

MOVEO Lahti has shifts for ball games in the Lahti municipal sports facilities. Ball games are available for Moveo members only. Ballgame calendar is below. Always remember to book your time to the shift in advance at Avoinna24-reservation system (Choose Moveo Lahti and Moveo Lahti Ballgames)

Autumn season Ball game calendar


If you are attending to ball game shift for the first time, you can contact shifts responsible person in advance to get all the necessary info. You can also contact responsible persons if you have any questions about shifts.

Ball game shift responsible persons:

Basketball and Volleyball: Johan Kuparinen,, +35840 771 4647

Badminton: Pyry Mustonen,, +35850 495 9983

Rugby: Kazeem Busari,, +35846 688 0730, Whatsapp number +35846 932 2646

Futsal: Khalil Berbache,, +35840 871 2546

Floorball: Aleksi Kankaanpää,, +358503756046

Break exercise 

MOVEO offers free 10 min instructed break exercise session in Zoom. More information on MOVEO main page

Billiard and ping pong

Mukkulankatu 19 campus has an exercise area at the 2nd floor lobby for all students and staff. In the A-wing first floor, near café Lamkooma there are ping pong and pool tables.

Break exercise area

There is an break exercise area at the Mukkula Campus 2nd floor lobby for all students and staff.

Break exercise area