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Student Service team help you with advices, such as registration services and you can get information about study certificates, grades and other practical matters related to studies, etc.

Please notice that opening hours maybe limited during Covid-19 pandemic, you can also call and send us email.

Student customer service

At the Student customer service, it is possible to find what you need and ask more information.

  • Study right
  • Registrations (academic year, study courses, exams)
  • Changes of permanent residence and personal information
  • Certificates (study certificates, VR/Matkahuolto, Kela meal subsidy cars, official transcripts of completed studies)
  • Degree certificates and graduation ceremonies
  • Accident reports
  • Misconduct in studies

Choose the most suitable way to contact us

We serve you on campus and online. You can come meet us on campus or contact us by email / phone.

Customer services
Lahden Campus Lappeenrannan Campus
Mukkulankatu 19, 111 LAB / LUT, 1. floor LUT room 2313 (2. building, 3. floor)

Offices open: Wednesdays at 10.00 am - 2 pm until 15.6.

16.6.-3.8. you can reach us by phone. 

 Please find the exceptional opening hours from here.


Service channels
Telephone service Lahti + 358 29 446 2500  (cannot send a text message to the number)
Telephone service Lappeenranta +358 40 649 4800
Telephone service: Mon - Fri at 10.00 am - 3 pm.


Do this to help us succeed

Follow our updates, news and instructions

Familiarise yourself with our services. Allocate enough time for getting things organized.

Give us feedback, tell us what works and what needs improvement.



  • Ilvonen Jaana, study counselor Lahti
  • Ketola Marika, study counselor Lahti 
  • Kuittinen Sari, study secretary Lappeenranta
  • Kylliäinen Outi, study counselor Lahti 
  • Mäkelä Kristina, study counselor Lahti 
  • Peuhkuri Piia, study secretary Lappeenranta
  • Perälä Anna-Riikka, study secretary, Lappeenranta
  • Räihä Kirsi, study secretary Lahti
  • Vaarala Anniina, study counselor Lahti
  • Ylä-Outinen Anita, study secretary Lappeenranta
  • ​Törmälä Mirva, Head of  Customer Service​ Lahti and Lappeenranta
  • Ranta Minna, Head of  Student Services