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Stop harassment - contact us

We at KOE want to prevent harassment in LAB University of Applied Sciences. With harassment contact persons, we try to lower the threshold for reporting harassment.

Harassment may include, for example, mental or physical bullying, unequal treatment, discrimination, distressing messages, inappropriate remarks, untruthful gossip, or any other activity that the target of harassment feels uncomfortable or offensive. The harasser may be another student or a staff member.

Harassment contact persons listen and help if you can not find the right person to tell about it and guide you where to find help. They advise and support students who have encountered harassment, assault, discrimination, bullying or other unequal treatment.

Harassment contact persons either are LAB students or KOE staff members that are trained for their job. You can also be in contact with them, even if you are not the subject of harassment, but have been seeing harassment. Harassment contact persons will not take any further action without the consent of the person concerned and the discussions are strictly confidential as the harassment contact persons are bound by the confidentiality obligation.

KOE’s harassment contact persons will be found from here.