Check list for new students


The following check list helps you get started with your new studies.

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1. Accept your study place at the LAB and enroll for the academic year

You have to confirm your study place and register your attendance as instructed in the letter of acceptance.

Accepting the study place
After being accepted to a degree programme at LAB, you must accept the place at Studyinfo within the deadline stated in your Letter of Admission. If the place is not accepted within the deadline, the place will be lost.

A student may accept only one study place leading to a higher education degree in Finland in education that begins in the same academic term. This rule applies to all higher education. After you have accepted a study place offered to you by a higher education institution in Finland, your choice will be finalised and you will not be able to change your choice afterwards. This rule applies even if a student postpones the commencement or interrupts their studies during the academic term when the offered study place has been accepted.

Registering present or absent
Once you have accepted a place to study, register as present or absent for the semester in the OILI service, which you can access from My Study Path. You may enroll as absent during the first academic year only for the legal reasons which includes service under the Conscription Act, the Non-Military Service Act, the Women’s Voluntary Military Service Act, maternity, paternity or parental leave. Please read more: Suspending your studies. You can find more information on semester enrollment from here: Accepting the study place

COVID-19: Changes to studies due to the Covid-19 pandemic

LAB monitors the outbreak situation caused by the corona virus and updates instructions when necessary. We aim for studies to continue as normally as possible while doing our part to slow down the spread of the corona virus in accordance with government guidelines.

Start the application process for your residence permit as soon as possible, including paying the fee for the residence permit application. The earlier you can start the process, the better: delays are expected due to the COVID-19. Please arrive to LAB campuses as soon as you have been granted a residence permit and begin your studies normally together with the other students of your group.

COVID-19: When entering Finland from abroad & protection

We strongly recommend that all of LAB's international students get vaccinated twice in their home country before arriving in Finland.

 Please keep following next pages for more information related to COVID-19 situation at

If you are having difficulties with planning your arrival due to the outbreak, please contact the LAB Student Services at for more advice.

2. Tuition fee

Finnish universities are legally obliged to charge tuition fees as of 1 August 2017 from new students from non-EU/EEA countries. Read more from here.

3. Apply for a residence permit

International students are allowed to study in Finland for a maximum of 90 days without a residence permit. If your studies exceed 90 days you must apply for a residence permit that covers the whole duration of your studies. Please note that even if you stay in Finland for less than 90 days, you may still need a visa.

You can apply for the residence permit at any Finnish diplomatic embassy or a consulate. Please start the application process immediately after receiving the official letter of acceptance from LAB University of Applied Sciences in order to avoid delay in your studies.

The current situation with the corona virus influences the processing time of the applications this year. Your application will proceed to the Finnish Immigration Service for processing after you have visited a Finnish embassy for identification.

Unfortunately, the Admissions Office at LAB cannot provide assistance in the application process for the residence permit. For more information regarding residence permit and visa requirements please contact your nearest Finnish or other EU member state embassy representing Finland in visa matters.

Finnish Immigration Service Information for Students​​ - how to apply for the residence permit

4. Apply for accommodation

Housing application to Lahti

Students who start their studies in programmes on the Lahti campus can apply for student accommodation in Lahti. LAB cooperates with the local housing organisation, Lahden Talot Oy. More information about Lahti housing.

Housing application to Lappeenranta

Students who start their studies on the Lappeenranta campus can apply for student accommodation directly from the Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation (LOAS). Please visit the LOAS website at for detailed application instructions. More information about Lappeenranta housing.

5. Activate your LUT ID

You can activate your LUT ID starting from 9 August 2022

  • Students who are able to use Finnish e-identification methods (such as online banking ID credentials) can activate their LUT account here:
  • Students who cannot use Finnish e-identification methods can find instructions for activating their LUT account at the Study tools page.

Your user ID will be used as a username when logging into the LAB systems (for example the online learning platform Moodle).

If you are facing any issues, please contact the Help Desk.

6. Familiarise with the Study tools

The students at LAB University of Applied Sciences use several study tools in their studies. Get to know them and read more from here.

Bring your own laptop computer with you. You will need it during lessons, to write your essays and other assignments, to watch teaching videos and to study independently. Read more from here.

7. LAB@key – Digital introduction to your studies

LAB@key (1 credit) is a digital introduction course to students. Its goal is to familiarise you with the procedures, digital tools and learning environments used at LAB University of Applied Sciences. LAB@key also provides information concerning the progress of your studies and well-being of students.

LAB@key includes seven parts:

  1. Digital competence
  2. Studying at the UAS
  3. Personal study plan
  4. Variety of courses
  5. Ability to study
  6. Professional growth
  7. Information security training

After completing this course, 1 study credit will be registered to your complementary competence or elective studies.

You will be able to start this online course after having activated your LUT-AD username (login and password) on 9 August 2022. Find the instructions here: eLAB > IT INSTRUCTIONS & STUDY TOOLS > LUT ACCOUNT & PASSWORD.

Go to the course on Moodle: LAB@key on Moodle.

8. Order or purchase a keycard

To access LAB campuses, you will need a keycard.

  • Lahti campus: the keycard must be ordered. To order the keycard, you will need a photo of yourself and your seven-digit student number. You will find your student number at Peppi. You will find the instructions from here.
  • Lappeenranta campus: the keycard must be purchased from the student union KOE (Main lobby info desk at Lappeenranta campus). The cost is EUR 10 (card&cash). You will find the instructions from here.
9. Student card and student number

Student card is the official id of a student. When you become a member of KOE you get a student card and all its benefits and discounts locally. AMK-student card offers you national student benefits as well as local discount in Lahti and in Lappeenranta. 

Read more about student card and membership.

The student number you will find from Peppi.

10. Remember to pay the health care fee to Kela
The health care fee for students in higher education is paid to Kela, and FSHS provides health care services to students. Read more information from here: Student health care services
11. Preparing for your arrival at LAB

LAB Newcomers group

The group is aimed at students who have been accepted to LAB University of Applied Sciences.

In the Newcomers Discord group you are able to get to know other new degree students and also meet some of our current students. It's  the perfect place for you to discuss and ask questions about LAB University of Applied Sciences.

More information about the group and a link can be found on the Starting studies homepage.

Get started with Discord download and registration instructions, if you have not used Discord before.

12. Orientation to studies at LAB

Bachelor's degree programmes
Orientation for the Bachelor's degree programmes will start on 25 of August, week 34.
Find more information about the orientation at eLAB – Orientation for new degree students and Orientation for new exchange students.

Note! The Orientation will be held partly online and partly on campus.

Master's degree programmes
Orientation for the Master's degree programmes (english program) will be held on 1 of September, week 35.
Find more information about the orientation at eLAB – Orientation for new Master's degree students.

Note! The Orientation will be held online.

13. Registration at Digital and Population Data Services Agency / Finnish Personal Identity Code

Every foreign student needs a Personal Identity Number. It is formed by your birthday and four digits, example 010192-000A. You will receive it from Digital and Population Data Service Agency.

The Agency will take the registrations without a booked appointment on following dates:

(NOTE! If you can´t go to make the registration on these pre-determined dates, you have to book an appointment from the DVV agency´s web page Please remember also, that if you have booked an appointment beforehand and then make the registration on the pre-determined dates on Lahti campus or Lappeenranta or for some other reason can´t got to the booked appointment, you have to CANCEL it.

In Lappeenranta:

Registration of students on xx.xx.2022
The opening hours are 9:00-11:00, 12:00-13:30 and 14:00-15.30.
The Lappeenranta office is located in city center and the address is Pormestarinkatu 1 A, 3. floor, 53100 LAPPEENRANTA.

In Lahti:

on LAB University of Applied Sciences Lahti campus on xx.xx.2022 at xx.xx in the LAB University main entrance, Mukkulankatu 19.


  1. Fill in the registration form, print it one-sided = 2 pages (you don´t have to print the third page) and sign it.
  2. Study certificate with stamp and signature (not Letter of acceptance). You can get this from student services office.
  3. A Passport or official ID-card. If only possible, take with you also a copy of passport or ID-card. (copy of front and back cover = both sides).
  4. A Residence permit card (if applicable). If only possible, take with you also a copy of residence permit.

When you have received the Finnish personal identity code, remember to update it in Mobility-Online.

If you have any questions, please contact us

You are welcome to contact student services.