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LUT Universities (LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences) use Canon SecurePrint multifunction printers for printing, scanning and copying documents. With the SecurePrint function, printing begins when the user physically goes to the printer, logs in and manually starts the print job. You can retrieve your prints from any printer in the network.

For example, you can send prints to SecurePrint while in class, and later access the printer near the cafeteria and start printing there. The print jobs that have not been printed will be removed from the queue after 72 hours.

The price of the prints will be deducted from the user's personal printing balance.


How to log in and start printing?

  1. Printing at LAB University of Applied Sciences happens by choosing SecurePrint as your printing option while on campus \\\secureprint

  2. After sending your documents to the printer, go to the printer you wish to access.

  3. Log in to the printer either with your electronic key card or LAB username and password.

  4. Release your print jobs by choosing them from the queue under the tab 'SecurePrint'. Press Print+Delete or Print+Keep.

  5. Log off by clicking the Log Out button.

Please note that the prints will be black and white and on the both sides of the paper by default. To modify this, you will need to choose the settings before sending the documents to the printer.

Problems with printers or printing

If you have any problems with printers or printing, please contact HelpDesk at If you are having problems with a specific printer, include the printer identification number in the email. Each printer's number is visible on the printer itself.

How to increase my printing balance?

Students are not automatically provided printing balance. If you wish to purchase printing balance, please visit our web shop at The minimum purchase is EUR 4 and the maximum purchase is EUR 50.

After payment your balance will be updated within a few minutes. If the action is not completed, your balance will not be updated. If you encounter any problems, please send email to Include your LAB username, the date and time of the transaction and the possible incident number in the email.

How to check my printing balance?

You can check your printing balance

How much does printing cost?

All prices include VAT 24%. The same prices apply to A4 ja A3 sized prints.

 Print size  One side / Two sides  Color  Price
 A4 / A3  One-sided  Black & white  0,04 €
 A4 / A3  Two-sided  Black & white  0,08 €
 A4 / A3  One-sided  Color  0,08 €
 A4 / A3  Two-sided  Color  0,16 €


How to I send prints to campus printers from my own device?

Printing from email

  • Send your print as an email attachment to (LUT Print). The email must be sent from  or email address.

  • Supported files: MS Office, text files, PDF ja image files.

  • Maximum file size 50Mt.

  • Only the attachment needs to be included in the email.