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Enrollment for examinations (No Exam) - Peppi

The Peppi Exams section manages paper and computer exams and other electronic exams such as Moodle exams on the Lappeenranta and Lahti campuses on general re-exam days. EXAM exams are not administered at Peppi

Select from the top navigation MY STUDIES > Enrollment for examinations (No Exam)

PSP - Exams

In the section My exams you will see

  1. Available retake exams
  2. You can enroll for exam by pressing the Enroll button
  3. You will see all the other exams by clicking on the All Exams link

In the section Enrollments you will see

  1. Exams you have enrolled for
  2. Enrollment status
  3. Classroom, if it is already set
  4. You can cancel your enrollment during the enrollment period by pressing the Cancel button
  5. You will see the explanations of the icons from the question mark icon.

PSP Exams - own exams

All exams

On the page All Exams, you can also search for exams of other courses than those in your own PSP.

Enrollment for examinations

  • On the PSP Inspection tab, you will see a purple ball next to the course while the enrollment for the exam is open.

Enrollment for exam ongoing

  • Enroll for the exam on the HOPS Exams tab
  • The student must enroll for the exam no later than 14 days before the exam day.
  • Cancellation is possible only during the enrollment period.
  • The Enroll button opens a view where you can select a location and indicate any special needs for the exam.

Enrollment for exam

  • Students can do a maximum amount of three exams on one examination date.
  • Students have the right to retake a failed final examination twice in accordance with the examination schedule.
  • The grade can be increased only once.
  • If the maximum number of times is exceeded, you will be notified.