Lahti: Aleksanterinkadun Appro 22.3.

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Lahti: Aleksanterinkadun Appro 22.3.

Legendary Aleksanterinkadun Appro is back again! Aleksanterinkadun Appro turns 15, so this is a year of celebration!

The execution time to go around bars and restaurants is from 4pm until 10pm and during that time you can collect stamps on your appro pass. Collecting stamps is very simple - go to a checkpoints that are assigned in the appro map and buy your favourite drink or food, then show your appro pass to the staff to get a stamp. Please note that you will get only one stamp/checkpoint, regardless of the amount of the drinks you order! You get 2 stamps per doublepass, but you have to buy two products.

The degrees can be executed in the following order:

  • Approbatur - 8
  • Cum Laude - 10
  • Laudatur - 12
  • Tohtori - 14
  • TuplaTohtori - 16

NB! The degrees have to be executed in a said order and a previous degree must be proven with an official Aleksanterinkadun Appro overall patch! You can execute only one degree a year. A doublepass can be used to complete two qualifications/year.

After the execution time, the partying will continue in a night club Wintti and Möysän musaklubi at 10pm!! The appro pass includes free entrance to the after party.

You may be visiting bars and restaurants during the events, so own drinks are not allowed. Event is rated 18+

Instagram: @aleksinappro