Multi-factor authentication (Duo MFA) will be adopted

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Multi-factor authentication (Duo MFA) will be adopted

Update 27.11.2022:
The adoption of the Duo MFA system will be postponed until Wednesday 30.11.2022.

As of Wednesday 30 November, LAB students will be sent a personal link and qr code to enable students to activate the Duo Mobile mobile app. The application must be activated no later than 7.12.2022.

The original notice:

LUT Universities will adopt multi-factor authentication (MFA) for students in the academic year 2022-2023.

LAB University of Applied Sciences will adopt Duo MFA at the end of 2022.
LUT University will adopt Duo MFA in the beginning of 2023.

MFA is a technology that uses two separate authentication methods before logging in is successful. This will improve user’s security and prevent user’s identity against abuse. First, you log in normally with your LUT account and password. After that you will be asked to identify yourself again via the Duo MFA service. To use the service, you need Duo Mobile application to your mobile device. Install the application to a phone or tablet that is always with you when you want to log in to LUT Universities’ services. 

When the Duo MFA service is adopted, you will receive an email message from sender LUT Duo <>. In the message, you will be prompted to install the Duo Mobile app and activate it via a link or QR code which is included in the email message. You must install and activate the Duo Mobile app no later than 7.12.2022. After this, logging in to for example Moodle, e-mail and other LAB services is no longer possible without multi-factor authentication.

Timetable (LAB):

  • Check the correctness of your phone number in Peppi (+ sign in front of the area code and after that only numbers, no spaces). Also install the Duo Mobile app on your phone and/or another mobile device from your device's app store.
  • 28.11.2022 30.11.2022: LAB University of Applied Sciences adopts multi-factor authentication (Duo MFA) and each student is sent a personal link to activate the Duo Mobile application.
  • 28.11.-7.12.2022 30.11.-7.12.2022: Every LAB student must activate the Duo Mobile mobile application.
  • 8.12.2022: You can no longer log in to LAB's systems without the multi-factor authentication with the Duo Mobile app.

Further information and instructions on Duo MFA can be found in IT Instructions and more instructions will be added there at the end of November.