LUT Universities and AI-based tools

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LUT Universities and AI-based tools

LUT Universities recommend the following policies for the use of AI-based tools (e.g., ChatGPT): 

AI tools are developing fast at the moment, and we are following this development carefully. Below are some preliminary guidelines which we will update when our knowledge about AI tools increases. 

  1. Students are always responsible for the assignments they submit and the independent work they do to achieve learning outcomes. Academic writing rules, including accurate citations and references, continue to apply. Students must disclose if and how they have used AI. AI tools must not be used for cheating, and students may not claim AI-generated texts as their own. AI tools can be used to produce initial topic ideas or to make text more fluent. 

  2. The principles of using AI tools must be made well known to students. This can be done during orientation to studies, during study guidance, in student portals, in course presentations in Moodle, in thesis seminars, and on methodology courses. Students are obligated to comply with these principles and should also recognize the drawbacks of AI tools. 

  3. When assessing competences, teachers need to consider which assessment methods to use and be aware of when the use of AI has no impact on the demonstration of competences. 

  4. Teachers may choose to deviate from these recommendations on courses for justified reasons. Exceptions and their justifications must be clearly communicated to students.