First year student - Fill out survey

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First year student - Fill out survey

A lacking sense of belonging – feeling out of place or overwhelmed – is one of the main reasons students decide to break off their higher education experience early and drop out.

In cooperation with ESU, the Erasmus+ project ENTRANTS aims at providing support measures to increase the social and academic integration of beginner students to prevent and counteract early dropout. 

To find out what (beginner) students need and what challenges and obstacles are seen as most pressing, the following survey is carried out across all higher education institutions in Europe. The results of this survey will enable informed decisions in developing practical solutions targeting early dropout and enhancing students’ social and academic integration.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to fill out this questionnaire, emphasising that it is intended for first-semester students.

Students will be able to access the survey until March 1st. 2022.

Three Interrail tickets valid for travel across 33 European countries will be drawn from the study's participants.