Coronavirus update, LAB and LUT staff and students, 17 June 2021

Koronatiedote 17.6.2021

Coronavirus update, LAB and LUT staff and students, 17 June 2021

International mobility and forgoing the 14-day self-quarantine

The coronavirus vaccination coverage in Finland is increasing and the epidemic is slowing down.

Our 14-day self-quarantine before coming to our campuses after travel abroad will remain in force until 31 July. As of 17 June, the self-quarantine policy will no longer apply to members of our community who have received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine. 

Those who come to our campuses and regional units from abroad will as of 1 August 2021 follow Finland's national border traffic guidelines.  

International staff mobility and international guests

We strongly recommend that LAB and LUT staff members travel abroad only after receiving two doses of the coronavirus vaccine. Carefully consider whether foreign travel is necessary and observe the travel guidelines of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland 

As of 1 August, you will only need your immediate supervisor’s authorisation for foreign travel, which was the normal practice before the pandemic. 

The HR team will soon provide separate instructions for travel abroad for those who are planning international travel.

We recommend hosting only twice vaccinated international guests.  

Arrival of international degree students in autumn 2021

We strongly recommend that all of LAB's and LUT’s international degree students get vaccinated twice in their home country before arriving in Finland.  

If a student is not fully vaccinated, we recommend a 14-day self-quarantine and distance learning before arrival on campus.  

Remote work recommendation and flexible work after summer vacation 

We will continue working flexibly with an extensive possibility for remote work after the summer vacation period. We recommend working mostly remotely until 31 October if your job duties allow.

Campus facilities may be occupied to 50% of their seating capacity until 31 October. Until then, open-plan offices may be occupied to 50% of their capacity on a daily basis. The supervisor of the employees using the office is responsible for making sure the occupancy rate is not exceeded (e.g. alternate weeks or other agreed approach).

Employees will have the opportunity to take part in all internal meetings remotely until 31 October. The 50% occupancy rate will also apply to conference rooms.

If the regions where our campuses and regional units are located are at the baseline level of the epidemic at the beginning of August, mobility between the campuses and units will return to normal on 1 August. 

We will follow the progress of vaccinations in Finland and its impact on the epidemic nationally and regionally. We will update our guidelines for domestic business travel by 3 August.

All of our safety guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are currently still in force.

If the epidemic situation changes essentially, we will update our guidelines accordingly.

We will arrange briefings in Teams regarding our autumn activities – in August for staff and supervisors and in early September for students. More information on these briefings will be available on the LUT and LAB intranets in early August. 

Post-pandemic work – more information on the intranet 

Flexible alternation between remote and campus work will continue after the pandemic restrictions are lifted if job duties and customer or student needs allow. 

As a general rule, we will be working on campus and in regional units roughly 50% of our working hours.

Supervisors may assign you to work on campus or in your regional unit when your duties require. We will provide all supervisors and staff members more information and guidelines in August. Details on our policies and their application are available on the intranet: