Coronavirus update, LAB and LUT staff and students, 13 January 2022


Coronavirus update, LAB and LUT staff and students, 13 January 2022

The epidemic in Finland is concerning: the numbers of COVID cases and hospitalized patients are rising quickly, and we have not yet reached the peak of the omicron wave. The symptoms caused by the omicron variant are less severe, but forecasts on hospitalized cases are uncertain. The Finnish Government is preparing for the variant to spread faster and for many people to get infected. Both national and regional guidelines are likely to change rapidly.

If many of our employees develop COVID at the same time, it will threaten the continuity of our operations. To reduce this risk, we recommend remote work and distance learning whenever it is possible. It will decrease contacts between people and make our campuses safer for those who cannot work or study from home.

To stabilize the situation and eliminate guesswork, we have decided on the following:

We continue to recommend distance learning until Sunday 6 March. Necessary contact teaching will continue as before. Distance learning should also be applied to continuing professional education – only training days that cannot be arranged remotely may take place on campus.

Events on campus and visits from schools will be postponed to after 6 March.  

Public examinations of dissertations will continue: most of the audience will follow a live stream of the event, and only those essential to the examination and a few friends or family members may attend in person. LUT’s graduation ceremonies in January and February will be postponed to a date that will be announced later. LAB will hold no graduation ceremonies before June.

Please hold internal meetings remotely and postpone staff gatherings on campus to after 6 March. If an internal meeting or stakeholder meeting on campus is necessary, up to 10 people may take part.

MOVEO will provide information on the use of campus sports facilities. The guidelines of regional state administrative agencies apply to sports facilities.

Our aim is to keep our campuses open so that students can study there independently or in groups unless authorities order a full campus lockdown. We encourage students to make use of our campus facilities and work there independently or in small groups following campus safety guidelines.

The prolonged epidemic and distance learning may take their toll on students’ well-being and morale. The links below provide information on different forms of support available to students to promote well-being.





As the pandemic drags on, it also tests the capacity and well-being of our staff. Our intranet contains links and tips for daily life with COVID and information on available support.