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International mobility and international visitors

Carefully consider whether foreign travel is necessary and observe the travel guidelines of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. When you travel, find out in advance about the destination country's conditions for entry and what documents your transport operator requires. 

If you need to quarantine in your destination, discuss the matter with your supervisor to assess whether the journey is worth spending time in quarantine.

Staff members and visitors coming to our campuses and regional units from abroad will need to follow Finland's national border traffic guidelines. We recommend our international visitors to get fully vaccinated against the coronavirus before campus visits.

Business travel abroad

We strongly recommend that LAB and LUT staff members not travel abroad before receiving the full vaccine coverage recommended by authorities.

Submit a travel request in the SAP Travel system. To promote safe travel, make bookings through our contract travel agency CWT. It is a safe travel agency which is obligated to find alternative ways of travel in emergencies (e.g. changes in the coronavirus pandemic, earthquakes). Make sure your CWT traveller profile contains up-to-date contact information (especially your phone number).

When you book flights, make sure you can cancel or change them if needed. Travel insurance will not reimburse your airline tickets if the event (e.g. conference) in the destination country is cancelled for reasons such as the coronavirus. Compensations are possible only if the destination country announces a comprehensive lockdown, travel ban or the equivalent.

Occupational health care provides coronavirus tests required for foreign business travel.

Business travel in Finland

Starting on 1 April 2022, you should use trains or other public transportation for business travel in Finland. You may use your own car for business travel only if your supervisor authorises it, and the authorisation must be mentioned on your travel expense claim.

In business travel within Finland, we continue to recommend caution and taking official regional guidelines into account (incl. travel between our campuses).

Falling ill before or during a trip

If you become sick before your trip, cancel your tickets and apply for reimbursements from the transport operator first and then with a doctor's certificate from our insurance company.

If you develop COVID during your business trip, a home test will not entitle you to insurance compensations. You will need to take an official COVID test (PCR test) to obtain a confirmed result.

If your test comes back positive and you are not able to use your original travel ticket, additional travel expenses may be reimbursed.

Cancel your original ticket and apply for reimbursement from the transport operator first. You can report an insurance claim online. Remember to attach a medical certificate (PCR test result) and receipts of expenses to your claim form.

You can combine business travel and a holiday following our travel guidelines (section 4.7, travel guidelines). For your personal holiday, you will need personal travel insurance.

If you become sick during the holiday part of your journey (positive test result after the business part), report a claim for additional travel expenses to your personal travel insurance company. If you do not have personal travel insurance for your holiday, you will be responsible for all additional travel expenses yourself.