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If you have tested positive for the coronavirus, follow the instructions you receive from health care professionals. They will also order you into isolation under the Communicable Diseases Act. Read more on the web site of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare here.

Let your supervisor know about your situation if it affects your work (e.g. you are unable to work because you are sick, you cannot arrange contact teaching).

If your infection affects your studies, let the teachers in charge of your courses know about it.

If you suspect you have the coronavirus, contact health care professionals without delay or do an online assessment at www.omaolo.fi.

For safety reasons, you will not be allowed on campus while you wait for your test results even if you no longer have symptoms. You may work remotely while you wait. Discuss the matter with your supervisor.

tel. 116 117
National hotline, tel. 0295 535 535

LUT and LAB employees: https://www.terveystalo.com/en/Services/Coronavirus-testing/


If an infectious disease specialist has officially ordered you into quarantine, always follow the specialist's instructions. Let your immediate supervisor know if the quarantine affects your work (e.g. you cannot give contact lessons or work on campus).

Let the teachers in charge of your courses know if the quarantine affects your participation in courses.

It you are in quarantine and cannot work remotely, talk to your immediate supervisor. If health care authorities have ordered you into quarantine, you are entitled to communicable disease allowance. Read more on the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

LUT and LAB do not issue quarantine orders but may give instructions regarding necessary precautions. Talk to your coordinating teacher or immediate supervisor.

Releasing information on coronavirus cases

If a student or member of your team tells you they have the coronavirus, remember that the identity of a person infected with the coronavirus is confidential information. Remember to keep the person's identity secret.

Tell the head of the coronavirus task force, Liisa-Maija Sainio (tel. 040 515 4944), if an infected person has been on campus or met with members of the campus community while contagious. However, do not give Sainio the person's name. Talk about the matter at a general level (e.g. “My team member/student on course X has the coronavirus”).

Tell the person with the infection that health care authorities will contact those who may have been exposed without revealing the person’s identity.

LUT and LAB will help authorities in contact tracing. If needed, we will send e-mail on additional measures or if authorities need to reach a larger group at once. Therefore, we recommend that both students and staff read their LUT/LAB e-mail daily. We cannot reach everyone by phone.

If your coronavirus test comes out negative but you have respiratory tract symptoms, you will not be allowed on campus. Do not come to the campus if you feel at all sick.

If a roommate or family member of yours has been quarantined, read further instructions on the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

The employer cannot order an employee to take a coronavirus test, but even if your symptoms are mild, you will not be allowed on campus.